Nightmare Queen Edit

the nightmare queen is the secondary main antagonist that isn't seen on screen

she is quite obviously the queen of nightmares, who will flood the world with horrible dream creatures to attack the dream realm whenever she is awaken.

Appearance Edit

her appearance isn't known but her dark menacing castle is briefly seen on screen so it can be assumed that she possably has a dark appearance herself.

Story Edit

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the nightmare queen's castle

it is mentioned that she only attacks the dream realm when she is awaken and that she has only been awaken twice.

it has been implied that Chrono had subdued her and sent her back to slumber the first time and had become the guardian of the dream realm for her defeating the nightmare queen before.

Trivia Edit

  • it is unknown why she attacked the dream realm
  • her appearance is unknown
  • it is also unknown on how she had been subdued previously by Chrono
  • the jabberwockey is part of her army