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Chrono Edit

Chrono is the main protagonist of Chrono O'clock

she is the rabbit timekeeper of dreams

Appearance Edit

she has short green hair and two much longer green ears with white tips that matches her hair

she wears a monocle with a navy tophat with long blue/white socks with a short blue/white lolita dress

she also carries a giant clock that is the source of her powers and a spear

Story Edit

the rabbit timekeeper of dreams "Chrono" begins an epic battle when the nightmare queen awakens, flooding nightmares onto the world. When The queen is set to awaken, an army of dream creatures will come with her. It is Chrono's job to keep the peace of both realms and fight the army of nightmarish dream creatures

Trivia Edit

  • Chrono has a limited time travelling ability
  • she can either fight with her spear or blast a magic ray
  • everytime she gets eaten she loses some of her clothes, hinting that her time travel powers doesn't affect her health